Volunteer with Us

From a logistical standpoint, volunteer jobs will change based on need and availability throughout the event. That’s why Phx Vegan Fest is such a treat because it is fast-paced and creative. Volunteers work on the fly!

We will need assistance with pre event set up and signage, tear down crew, box office attendants, recycling attendants, vendor assistants, check-in attendants, crew leaders, sign spinners, and pre-event street team volunteers. The fest is all about community, passion, and team work and our volunteers excel in these areas.

Perks of volunteering at PHX Vegan Fest:

  • Free Admission!
  • Volunteer T-Shirt! (ooooo)
  • Volunteer Goodie Bag! (ahhhh)
  • The satisfaction of knowing that YOU helped make Phx Vegan Fest a success
  • The chance to share your special skills and talents
  • The opportunity to make new friends and spend time building community
  • The chance to hang out with some pretty cool folks and eat some really great food
  • Our genuine, heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all you do

Email us at  phxveganvolunteers@gmail.com or drop a line here!

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