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Will Tucker

Will Tucker

Speaker | Emcee | Voice Talent | Fitness Expert | Entrepreneur

Founder of BodyFuzion Fitness and Four-time Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Will Tucker is a highly sought after speaker and wellness coach. He works with clients in person in both Phoenix and Los Angeles as well as online worldwide. He has been rightfully dubbed America’s Vegan Trainer for his remarkable ability to improve people’s health and vitality by incorporating plant-based nutrition combined with functional exercise.

At BodyFuzion Fitness studio in Mesa, AZ he leads semi-private training session that are fun, fast paced and energetic. He has helped thousands of clients over the years shed excess body fat and successfully achieve their fitness goals. Many of his clients have eradicated the need for prescription medication under his guidance.

For nearly 20 years everyone from soccer moms to CEOs, surgeons, Hollywood executives and even celebrities have called on Will to guide their journey to health and fitness. Several of Will’s clients have garnered media attention on both broadcast television and in print publications for their amazing physical transformations.

As a competitive vegan bodybuilder, Will has won multiple first place and overall bodybuilding titles. He constantly dispels the myth that animal protein is required to build an outstanding physique. Instead he focuses on giving his body predominately fresh fruits and vegetables for better cellular health while maximizing aesthetics. For more information on Will Tucker please visit him on Instagram@coachwilltucker.

Dustin Harder

Chef Dustin Harder

1:00pm - 1:30pm

AND 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Dustin Harder is the host and creator of the original vegan travel culinary series The Vegan Roadie. When not traveling, he works as a culinary instructor and is the head of culinary development at Arden’s Garden in Atlanta. As a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, Dustin has been featured in such publications as Eating Well, VegNews, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, and Paste Magazine. Dustin is the author of two cookbooks, Epic Vegan and The Simply Vegan Cookbook. The Simply Vegan Cookbook has been added to Forbes list of “Best Vegan Cookbooks”. Dustin was most recently seen on Food Networks Girl Scout Baking Championship showcasing vegan baking paired with girl scout cookies!
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheVeganRoadie

Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Elizabeth Joseph started Be More Raw in late 2013 realizing her passion for health through natural modalities. Elizabeth helps those with chronic disease where conventional medicine has failed. Elizabeth is a Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, detoxing expert and author. She specializes in blood sugar management, cleansing, and digestive issues. Elizabeth is presenting her lecture “Balancing Blood Sugar Naturally.” Learn about something affects over 80 million people in America. Most people with blood sugar issues don’t even know they have them. Learn how to YOU may be able to balance your blood sugar in months or even weeks!

You will learn:

  • Why whole grain flours are NOT your friend.
  • How oils can help with blood sugar levels.
  • Why sugar is so addictive.
Chef Madelyn Pryor

Chef Madelyn Pryor

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Chef Madelyn is co-founder of Vegan Taste, a vegan meal delivery service comes in. Artisan meals are designed expertly crafted by Chef Jason Wyrick and his staff.

The Phoenix Metro (from Verrado to Apache Junction to Anthem) meal delivery service is designed to provide you with artisan vegan lunches, or dinners, or both, for six days out of the week, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Just badass vegan meals. No lettuce and tomato salads here! 

Rhyan Geiger

Rhyan Geiger

4:00pm - 4:30pm

Rhyan is a vegan dietitian in Phoenix who is passionate about helping people find easy, affordable, tasty vegan eats. She completed her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University receiving a BS in Nutrition, a minor in Global Health and a certificate in Childhood Nutrition. She then attended Georgia Southern University’s dietetic residency program, completing 1,200 supervised practice hours. For more information about Rhyan visit her website

Rhyan’s lecture is “How to Make a Nutritionally Balanced Vegan Meal.” Join Rhyan Geiger, RDN to learn how to create a vegan plate to optimize the nutrients in your foods. Say goodbye to staple meals of pasta and potatoes and hello to colorful nutrient-dense plates. ”

Kaylee Baker

Kaylee Baker

6:00pm - 6:30pm

Kaylee is the CEO and founder of ZippNada, a sustainable lifestyle brand in Lake Havasu. She has been practicing zero waste living for seven years after watching a documentary depicting the harm of single use plastic. Fascinated and appalled by this, Kaylee has dedicated her life to being part of the solution, spreading knowledge and awareness to others interested. Kaylee has created several local programs in Lake Havasu including Havasu Boomerang Bags and Zero-Waste Havasu both aimed at helping the community live more low- impact as well as has spoken at festivals, conferences and local meetings about single use plastic.

Kaylee will be discussing Zero-Waste 101,this interactive talk focuses on answering three main questions: What is “zero-waste”?, why is it so important?, why recycling is not the viable answer?, and tips on how anyone can start to incorporate zero-waste living into their lifestyle. This talk is interactive with questions encouraged.

Chef Jason Wyrick

Chef Jason Wyrick

7:00pm - 7:30pm

Jason Wyrick is the CEO and Executive Chef of The Vcology Project, which includes Casa Terra, Arizona’s only elevated vegan dining restaurant, and The Vegan Taste, the nation’s longest running vegan meal delivery service. In 2001, he reversed Type II diabetes and lost over 100 pounds. by going vegan. He is a NY Times Bestselling Author, with books that include 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart, Powerfoods for the Brain, Vegan Tacos, and Vegan Mexico. He was the first vegan instructor to teach in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu program. He has been featured in the NY Times, LA Times, Arizona Republic, VegNews, and Vegetarian Times. You can find out more about Chef Jason Wyrick’s projects at and